jac jerusalem arbitration center jac jerusalem arbitration center

Business leaders in Palestine and Israel realized that there is a need for a neutral mechanism to resolve commercial disputes between businesses and individuals from both countries.  In 2013, the initiative to set up such a dispute resolution mechanism became a reality with the establishment of the Jerusalem Arbitration Center (JAC), which is an independent, apolitical and professional bilateral alternative dispute resolution forum.


The JAC is a joint venture of ICC Palestine and ICC Israel in association with the Paris-based ICC and its world-renowned International Court of Arbitration (ICA).  It creates a mutually agreeable forum to which Palestinian and Israeli businesses can refer their commercial disputes with an assurance that they will be resolved through an impartial, reliable, speedy and cost‐efficient process.  By providing such a much-needed dispute resolution forum in the long term the JAC will ensure the availability of a neutral, effective and efficient dispute resolution mechanism, which will help in enhancing the investment climate in both countries.


ServicesThe JAC will provide arbitration services to disputes related to Israel, The West Bank, Gaza including East Jerusalem.  It will also serve as an arbitration center to resolve commercial disputes between Palestinian-Palestinian and Israeli-Israeli businesses.


The JAC will engage in outreach activities to raise awareness of this new forum and promote arbitration as an alternative means for resolving commercial disputes. The JAC will also provide necessary training on the JAC Rules to counsel and arbitrators.